With over 24,000 individual Perkins genuine parts we’ve got your genuine needs covered. Genuine Perkins parts are specially designed to work together to maximize component life and your engine’s performance. They ensure optimum power and fuel efficiency, and come with a 12-month warranty.

What You Need To Know When Ordering Parts

Your engine number or build list:

  • Your Perkins engine number, gives you useful information about your Perkins Engine. Most importantly it contains the "Build List" of the specific parts used in your engine.
  • The build list contains every original part number that your engine was assembled with.
  • Keep a note of your engine number or build list and quote it whenever you contact your Perkins Distributor.

Please refer to the Perkins Engine Number Guide to determine your engine serial number location.

To purchase Perkins Parts please contact our Dealers.

To purchase Lofa or MeccAlte parts you can contact our office at: (604) 247-3800.

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